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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer in the list below,

email us at

  • Is there an age limit for registrants?
    We recommend that all participants be 15 years of age and older. Each participant should be able to participate in a full day’s activities. No infants or children, please. Also see the question concerning child care.
  • Is child care provided?
    No child care will be provided. All available space is needed for conference activities. Also, we want our focus to be on God’s word and children either well behaved or unhappy can be a distraction to you and those around you.
  • Is lunch provided?
    No lunch is included with your registration this year. Our new venue location puts us in close proximity to many restaurant options. We will also have several Food Trucks on hand during lunch on Saturday. You can choose to grab lunch at the Food Truck of your choice and eat outside or in the breakout room, or grab food from your favorite location. We promise you'll have plenty of time to leave and eat lunch before the program starts up again after lunch. Review the PDF below for more information on the lunch options available this year.
  • How much does conference cost?
    The price varies depending on your chosen method of participation. In-person tickets are $55, although we do offer a special discounted ticket for those 25 and under, as well as early-bird pricing discounts through January. An individual virtual ticket is just $40; but you can also purchase a "Watch with Friends" ticket so that you and up to 9 friends can watch virtually together for just $100. We also are offering a limited number of Host Site tickets and those prices vary depending upon the size of the gathering. More information can be found here –
  • Who are this year's speakers?
    You can view more information about our speakers and entertainers on our Call to Me web page.
  • How do I register to attend?
    You can register online at
  • What is the deadline for registering?
    Registration will remain open until seats sell out. If seats are still available the day of the event, tickets will be available at the Maize Performing Arts and Aquatics Center, just inside the entrance doors.
  • If I am unable to attend, can I get a refund?
    No refunds are provided. Your in-person ticket can be converted into a virtual ticket upon request, allowing you to watch live along with us or anytime up to 3 months post-conference. Another option to consider is gifting your registration to someone else who wishes to attend.
  • I have registered to attend. When will I receive my wristband?
    We will not be sending out wristbands as we have in years past. QR codes will be scanned at the entrances each day. Your unique QR code will be included in your confirmation email as well as within your profile on the Whova app. If you do not have a smart phone from which to access either the app or your email, we recommend printing a copy of your confirmation email with QR code to bring with you. You can also add your QR code to your Apple wallet or Google Pay profile to quickly access and scan at the doors.
  • I registered but didn't get a confirmation email. What do I do now?
    You can go ahead and download and log into the Whova app utilizing the email address you registered with. You can access this via the “Get Whova Now” button above. If you’re able to successfully create an account and login to Whova, then you’ll know your registration was successful. We can also resend your confirmation email if you prefer. Please email or call the Northside Church of Christ office – 316.838.5200 – to request one of our event staff to look into it and resend your confirmation email.
  • What time does conference start?
    Doors open at 5:00pm Friday night, April 12, with the program beginning promptly at 6:00pm. We’ll gather again Saturday morning, April 13. Doors open at 8:00am, with the day’s program kicking off at 9:00am.
  • Are there reserved hotel rooms for in-person Women Walking with God attendees?
    There are a lot of hotels in the Wichita area within 10 miles or less from our new venue. No blocks of rooms are being held this year as the rates we were offered for blocks were more expensive than you could secure a hotel for through popular booking sites. So...we did the next best thing and put together this resource listing the hotels in the area and links to search Conference dates at area hotels for a deal that fits your budget.
  • What accommodations are available for hearing impaired?
    Assisted listening devices will be provided. If you need an interpreter, please contact the Northside Office as soon as possible, 316-838-5200.
  • Will recreational vehicles (RVs) be allowed in the Northside parking lot?
    Northside allows recreational vehicle parking, however no hook-ups are available. There is an RV park nearby. Contact Northside for more information if you are planning to bring your RV. 316.838.5200
  • When I watch the test video, it keeps buffering (starting/stopping/pausing).
    You may not have a good internet connection or high enough internet speeds. You can test your speed at We recommend a minimum of 10 Mbps for optimal viewing (though you can probably get by with 5).
  • What time does conference start?
    The Livestream will begin 30 minutes prior to conference start time each day. You can anticipate seeing video (though there may not be sound until closer to start time) by 5:30pm Friday evening, and 8:30am Saturday morning.
  • Can I get CDs for this year's (or previous year's) conference?
    Due to rising costs and contract limitations, we will no longer be offering CDs/DVDs of conference material. In-person conference attendees have 3 months of post-conference access to the Livestream feed from Conference. Edited conference materials are made available for a longer length of time and in different formats to congregations who have signed on as Remote Host Sites to allow for their gatherings scheduled at later dates/times. If you would like more information about how to get content to utilize for your Congregation, please reach out to
  • I would be willing to serve as an ambassador to tell the women of my congregation about conference. Who should I talk to about that?
    Excellent! Our ambassadors are an invaluable part of our team and we'd love to have you on board! Please send us an email at, or call the Northside Church of Christ office at 316.838.5200, and we’ll get you connected.
  • I'm not able to attend in-person. How can I still enjoy the content?
    Several options are provided for those who wish to benefit from the amazing lessons, singing, and entertainment offered at Conference but who are unable to attend in Maize, KS. Individual Virtual Ticket - watch alone from the comfort of your couch from our app, wherever you are! You can watch along live as Conference unfolds, or watch the replay anytime within 3 months post-conference. Watch with Friends Ticket - you and up to 9 friends can gather and watch Conference together through the app. Remote Host Sites - find a host site near you that fits with your schedule and join in on their unique event with our Conference speakers/content as the basis. (Or, consider serving as a Host Site to encourage the ladies of your congregation and community without them having to travel. More info on the Host Site page of our website.)
  • What if I want to watch virtually but can't do so on the days of conference (April 12-13)?
    The conference will be live streamed through the Whova platform on the days of conference. Then, recording of the entire conference will be available for replay at your convenience for 3 months following conference.
  • How do I watch (where do I go to watch) the livestream of this year's conference?
    Conference will be available to livestream through Whova, a web app or downloadable phone app, which you’ll gain access to upon completing your registration.
  • I registered to watch virtually but didn't get my confirmation email. What do I do now?
    You can go ahead and download and log into the Whova app utilizing the email address you registered with. You can access this via the “Get Whova Now” button above. If you’re able to successfully create an account and login to Whova, then you’ll know your registration was successful. You can also email or call the Northside Church of Christ office – 316.838.5200 – to request one of our event staff to look into it and resend your confirmation email.
  • Do I need special equipment in order to watch the livestream or recordings of conference?
    You must have and be signed into your Whova account from a device capable of streaming a video. Think of it like watching a YouTube video. If you can do that from your phone, tablet, or personal computer, then you will be able to watch Conference. When you log into Whova, you can watch a test video housed at 12:00am on Friday’s agenda. If that video plays for you without buffering, you should be all set! (Host Sites: it is just a little more complicated than this, but we walk you through all of it in your Host Guide.)
  • Can I purchase WWWG merchandise, like a commemorative t-shirt, if I don't attend in-person?
    You can shop Boutique merchandise for this and previous year's conferences in our online store. Select the SHOP button at the top of the page to peruse and purchase online. You can also see info for and products from some of our fabulous in-person vendors through the Whova app! Just check out the Exhibitors section once you log in.
  • Can I purchase CDs of this year's, or a previous year's, conference?
    CD’s will be made on a request only basis and shipped to you after conference. They will be $25 (you will be charged $5 media rate shipping & handling charge). Email your request to and be sure to include your contact phone number, OR call the Northside Church of Christ office at 316.838.5200.
  • Our congregation might be interested in serving as a Host Site. How do we learn more?
    Check out the Host Site page (under the Conference tab) of our website to learn more about the expectations and costs associated with being a Host Site. We are only accepting a limited number of Host Sites this year, to ensure our staff is able to provide the 1-on-1 attention needed to help make your event a success. If, after reading through the website information, you would like to proceed, we encourage you to register ASAP as Host Site registration is open only until January 15th, or until all spots have been taken, whichever occurs first. If you have additional questions before registering, please email with a Subject Line: Host Site Info Request, and we'll direct you to one of our friendly Host Site Liaisons to get you all the info you need.
  • I'm having trouble watching the event. What do I do? Is help available?
    To ensure the best viewing experience possible, we recommend reviewing the Whova Attendee User Guide prior to Conference start time. Email Tech Support - Call Tech Support - 316.247.2548 (AVAILABLE EVENT DAYS ONLY!) Before you call, please test your internet speed. We recommend a minimum speed of 5-10Mbps. Go to and be prepared to tell us what number you received during the test.
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