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WWWG Community

The WWWG Community is a year-round initiative to provide women a place to belong, share their gifts, and contribute to the strengthening of faith and friendships. This new Community is all about keeping us connected beyond conference and providing tools, tips, and friendships to help encourage and uplift all year long!

Grow with Us

You know how needed Community is or you wouldn’t be here. What about your friends, your family, your coworkers? Do they know they need the joy and life-giving essence of being in such a community?

Invite them to be a part of this Community, too! Share our Community Video with them and invite them to sign up today so they don’t miss out on the fun!

2023 Community Calendar


We kicked off the year with a fun walking challenge, walking alongside various women of the Bible to see what it was like to travel in their shoes. Those that walked were recognized at the 2023 Conference. Look for a similar challenge in 2024.


The WWWG Community was officially launched at Conference with instructions on how to register to begin receiving Community newsletters and news direct to your inbox.


Community kicked off following Ruth & Naomi on their journey and monthly newsletter content centers around the theme of "Community."


Monthly lessons during the 3rd quarter of the year will be taken from the story of Esther, examining her Boldness and giving us motivation to follow in her shoes.


The 4th and final quarter of 2023 will focus around a new theme, fitting for the time of year, of "Hospitality." Monthly lessons will focus around several women of the Bible who embodied the spirit of Hospitality. Look for a hospitality challenge to be issued!


In addition to monthly newsletter content, weekly tips, tidbits, and motivation can be found by following along with us on our social channels!

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Samantha Corcoran of Geo Logos
Geo-Logos Logo

Geo-Logos - these Greek words combine to mean ‘the world (geography) of the Word (Bible)’. Geo (/ˈjēō/) + Logos (/ˈlōɡōs/) = Geo-Logos!


Engineer by Day: Sam Corcoran has a masters degree in industrial engineering and teaches engineering courses at the collegiate level. We are thrilled to have partnered with her and Geo Logos to provide our Community lesson content.

Be sure to follow GeoLogos for other great

content on social media and YouTube.

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