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100-Mile Walking Challenge Begins January 1

Let's start out the New Year focusing on physical and spiritual health through this 100-mile walking challenge! This challenge will take us up to the 2024 Women Walking with God Conference on April 12, 2024. For those of you who are quick at math…that’s 102 days to walk 100 miles, or just a little under 1 mile per day, from now until Conference.

This challenge is set up as a Facebook event, which will provide us a place to post regular encouragement, uplifting thoughts, and motivation. We hope to even have occasional meetups in the Wichita area to walk together leading up to conference. But if you're not in this area, that's okay, too. You can walk with us from wherever you are.

We’ve created a handy tracking sheet to help you track your progress as you work toward 100 miles. Want to walk 100-miles each month? Go for it! But the goal is to at least complete 1 tracking sheet by Conference. (The tracking sheet is linked below and can also be found on the FB event page.) And, speaking of Conference, we're working on a plan to meet up, possibly to walk around our new venue and pray for all that will occur Conference weekend. We hope you will plan to come a little early to join us for that. (If you don’t yet have your Conference tickets, be sure to grab the while they’re still available at Early-Bird Pricing!)

We’ve partnered with a couple beautiful women, who started their own walking challenge/adventure last summer, to help bring you updates, devotionals, and more along the way. Your hostesses for the 2024 Walking Challenge (who call themselves the “Sole Sisters”) are Rose Shady and Kerri Vogel. You’ll get to know them well over the next few months and we know they’ll be a ray of light and encouragement to each of you as they walk alongside you through this journey.

So pop on over to our Facebook Event, if you haven’t already, and let us know you’re participating by clicking “Going” on the event. Be sure to turn on your notifications - click the 3 dots to access Notification Settings - so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. (Click here to access the FB Event -

Now get out there and get to walking! Let us know how you’re doing on FB. And know, we’re cheering for you!

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