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Speaker Workshops

As a member of this community, you receive first notice and priority access to Speaker Workshops. What does that really mean and what are these “workshops”? We’re glad you asked!

Four speakers from the 2023 Women Walking with God conference will be offering deep dives to provide valuable insights and lessons on the topics they introduced on Saturday, right after each had her interview with Kathy. Our first workshop will be offered in June and will feature Delois Smith instructing us on “Having Hard Conversations.” Here’s what you need to know in advance to help you prepare for these exciting workshop opportunities:

Who Should Attend:

  • You as an individual because you personally want to learn more about the topic — Maybe you want to be more informed.

  • You and the women of your congregation because you want to work together to grow together—Maybe you want to create a ministry that relates to the topic. Maybe you want to enhance a current ministry you already have.

  • Anyone who would appreciate learning more on the planned topic. Please share!


  • One-to-two-hour virtual workshop

  • Questions can be submitted ahead of time to be addressed during the workshop

  • Questions can also be asked during the workshop


  • June: Saturday 6/17/23 9:00am CST Delois Smith. Topic: Having Hard Conversations

  • July: Michelle J. Goff. Topic: Loving and Leading with the Bible

  • September: Tiffany Malone. Topic: Connecting with the Next Generation

  • October: Jessica Herberger. Topic: Hospitality in a Fragmented World

How to Participate:

  • Virtually via Zoom. Please download Zoom to your phone, laptop, PC or tablet and test out the technology ahead of time.

  • Watch from the convenience of your home OR gather with friends/sisters in Christ

  • Sign up to participate via this Google form. You will receive the Zoom link and relevant handouts in advance via email. All registrants will also receive the playback link in case you were unable to attend last minute, or if you’d like to watch again.


  • No cost for you as Community members.

  • Everyone who registers will receive the replay link.

  • You must attend the live session to get your questions answered.

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