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The Reluctant Entertainer

What is it about entertaining that ignites equal amounts of excitement and fear in a woman’s soul? Perhaps it’s the intimacy of inviting people into your home, your life, and the risk of being judged. Nevertheless, we are the beautiful creatures who God made to connect, love, and build community with each other. What better way to do that then through breaking bread! For those of us who may feel a bit overwhelmed by the daunting task of running a multitude through our homes and kitchens this holiday season, have no fear Sandy Coughlin is here! Just in the St. Nick of time!

Sandy is the author of Big Boards and host of the popular blog: The Reluctant Entertainer. Here’s what she has to say about hosting in your home…

“Gathering friends for a meal comes naturally for some but it intimidates a lot of people. Even the most seasoned host can overcomplicate matters and place unrealistic expectations on themselves, especially around the holidays.” One of my core philosophies is this: You don’t have to be a great cook or perfect hostess to entertain. I’ve made it my life’s work to encourage reluctant entertainers. My signature? Big Boards.

A few of the Reluctant Entertainer’s super smart manifesto’s are:

  • Our tables exist to serve people, not ourselves. It’s where hearts are heard and bodies are fed.

  • It’s a sacred calling to be watchful and purposeful about who gathers at our tables, even when it’s spontaneous.

  • Be generous in love.

  • Unique style means you have your own style, and you don’t compare it to others.

  • Uncomplicated hosting is a blessing to everyone.

  • Our tables should be where we show up, take risks, and talk about real things in life.

  • The size of your house doesn’t dictate the size of your hospitality.

For more tips and tricks on hosting and entertaining here are some of Sandy’s favorite links.

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