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Summer Fun For Families

Summer is officially upon us! Looking for inexpensive day trips and activities to do with the kids this summer?

Making fun summer memories doesn’t have to be stressful or cost a fortune. A quick internet search will reveal lots of tips and advice for making the most of your summer schedule with your kids; and possibly even help you find free or discounted tickets to special summer opportunities. We’ve put together a few examples below of some options in Kansas and the Wichita area, but we’re sure there are similar opportunities near you if you search for them!

Best Zoo and Museum Reciprocal Memberships for Traveling Families Did you know that museum memberships at one museum could get you into hundreds of others for free?! Museums, zoos, aquariums, science and technology centers and more participate in reciprocity programs that let you do just that!

Wichita Mom’s Blog The Wichita Mom Blog is published monthly with timely links to activities in the Wichita and South Central Kansas Area.

Wichita on the Cheap You don’t have to live outside your means to live a full and fun life. Wichita on the Cheap has brief descriptions and loads of links to family friendly activities in South Central Kansas.

Sunflower Summer Sunflower Summer provides a wide variety of ways for families to get out, explore something new, and enjoy time together. Kansas families with school-aged children can visit museums, zoos, historic landmarks and more for free!

Practical tip: Make the most out of these resources with a summer “bucket list” poster/board to help keep track of the things you want to do and let everyone join in on the fun. Here’s an example made by Megan McGraw, Bentonville, Arkansas. This is how Megan and her sweet kids keep up with of all the summer activities their family wants to do together. Free items are marked with a special blue dot to help better guide the kids in choosing what to do next.

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