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Hospitality Challenge

The goal of this Community is to help us all grow closer in relationship with God and one another. Since our theme this quarter is all about God's desire for us to show true, Biblical hospitality, we thought it might help us all learn by doing. We are announcing a special HOSPITALITY CHALLENGE for you to participate in during the months of November and December! Challenges will be issued every other Sunday evening in November and December on our social media pages.

The weekly challenges will be based on our most recent Speaker Workshop, featuring Jessica Herberger on the topic of "Hospitality in a Fragmented World." Didn't get to watch the whole workshop? Don't worry, you can click

here (or on the video icono to the right) to watch the full replay, and we will be sharing clips from her workshop to guide us along the way, because as Jessica shared, hospitality is very different than most people think!


CHALLENGE #1: INVITE SOMEONE IN Today kicks off our time of learning to be more hospitable with our first challenge: "Invite Someone In." Here's what we mean by that. Reach out to someone and invite them to coffee, or to go on a walk, etc. Look for someone who may be somewhat of an outsider, someone who could be lonely (widow/widower; neighbor down the street you aren't familiar with; new member at church; new student in your class; single mother, etc.). This is an invite for us to serve rather than to foster friendship; do it “just because,” and then truly listen to them as you spend time together.

Click the video below to watch a brief, helpful clip from the Hospitality workshop. As you decide what you’ll do to offer hospitality toward others, remember Jessica’s advice:

  • Pray!

  • Have a sense of urgency

  • Be humble

  • Serve with abundance


Each week, when you participate in our Hospitality Challenge and post details of your hospitable efforts (hopefully with pics), you will go into a drawing for special limited edition WWWG merch! After all, what is a challenge without prizes? We will draw winners from among those who participate in our challenge and post their efforts.

Before you begin this week’s challenge, be sure to seek God’s guidance first and foremost. Here is a prayer to help you do so:

  • Father help me to see the outsider as You do, grow my awareness of the lonely around me.

  • Embolden me to offer an invitation to the one you have chosen for me to serve.

  • Allow my serving with You, and for You, to be the blessing I receive.

  • May I offer my presence and listening ear with a tender heart. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Keep an eye out for more information on the upcoming following challenges... November 19 - "Guest to Dinner" December 3 - "Gift of Time” December 17 - "Tag Along” Not connected with us on social media yet? You'll want to make sure you are connected as that's where we'll post all the information for the upcoming bi-weekly challenges. Click <<here>> to like our Facebook page, and click <<here>> to follow us on Instagram. Not on social media? Send us an email to and let us know, we will email you all 4 weeks of challenges all together. We look forward to growing together through these hospitality challenges!

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